Website Management

Your website is an important marketing tool for keeping your current customers informed and reaching out to new customers. Hope can help you manage your website to keep it current and problem-free.


Your company or organisation is constantly changing. Your customers expect up-do-date information. One of the biggest advantages of a website over printed materials is that it is so easy to keep current. Need to change the details of just one product? Easy. You don't have to re-do the whole website—just the relevant page.

Hope will help you manage your website to keep it up-to-date whether it be a 5-minute task, a major overhaul or anything inbetween. Updates may be weekly, monthly or intermittently according to your needs.

Monitoring & Interpretation of Webstats

Hope has experience in monitoring and interpreting webstats—an important tool in website management. For most websites, this should be done on a monthly basis to check on usage and any error reports.

Webstats are helpful at revealing trends such as the amount of traffic to your website or to a particular page in your site. Webstats can show which search engines and other websites are directing traffic to your site. A sudden drop in traffic can reveal technical difficulties with your ISP's server settings that may otherwise not be evident.

Keep in mind that webstats are not a measurement of the success of your website. Nor can they accurately nor comprehensively measure who visits your website. It's similar to trying to measure readership of a magazine. You can know how many copies you have sold, but you will never precisely know how many different people read each copy, who they were, how indepth each copy is read, nor which pages are read.

In general, webstats are not a good indicator of absolutes, but they can still be a useful management tool.

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